Tune up for the New Year, Jan 21, 2018

Lisette Kielson returns for our January 21 meeting to lead us in jamming, and to talk about tuning techniques. Titles for playing include selections from the following:

  • Little Interlude I & Reminiscence (from HansMartin Linde’s Suite)
  • Senliche not früh und spat (Glogauer Liederbuch)
  • Frietjes by Glen Shannon
  • Peanut Vendor [El Mansiero] by Moises Simons, arranged by Stan Davis
  • And possibly Dolzflöte (from Sieben Flötentänze) by Hans Ulrich Staeps

Some of this music is available for download. Check the links under resources above.

Our latest newsletter can be found here:

January 2018


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