Fancy That – Our January 20th Meeting!

Lisette returns on January 20 for Fancy That: Fantasias, Canzonas, and Fugues.Our January 20th meeting will incorporate listening and imitative exercises and the following musical selections from Italy, England, and Germany:

  • Canzona seconda by Giovanni Gabrieli (IMSLP)
  • Dorick Fantasy #2, John Bull (published by Corda)
  • Fugue (from Well-Tempered Clavier I, BWV 846) by J.S. Bach (IMSLP)

Check the download page for parts on the Gabrieli and Bach. If you are practicing ahead, in the Bach Fugue, the ‘tenor’ part is better played on alto, leaving out the low E in measure 5.

Our monthly newsletter can be found here January 2019.

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