September 15, 2019 Meeting – Molto Espressivo!

Lisette Kielson

For our 61st season, 2019-2020, Lisette Kielson returns for her sixth year as our music director. She plans to devote her five chapter meetings to the comprehensive theme “Molto Espressivo!”

What makes for a musical performance? For expressive playing? Is there always something more to say, or a better way to say it? Whether presented with soaring melodies, clashing dissonances, or intricate rhythms, we will consider our technical (and musical!) approach and address tone, articulation, breathing, musical weight, and more in order to capture the essence of the composer’s expressive vision.
September 15 Lisette, introducing a new recorder orchestra piece by Glen Shannon, his “Friendship Canzona,” as well as music by Timothy Broege and Raymond Scott.

Here is our newsletter: September 2019

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