Welcome to the 2021-2022 Season!

We’ve all waited a whole year to meet and play together again, and we certainly plan to this season. Who would have guessed that we’d still be in recurring semi-pandemic mode over a year after we first heard the term ‘Covid”? But we have also managed to meet, in small groups, indoors and out, over the past months. Between our cautious in-person sessions, and our continued online chapter meetings, we’ve managed to maintain an active chapter for all of our members!

In light of continuing pandemic concerns, we will begin the season meeting in person in a safe, controlled situation (see restrictions below). Of course, if circumstances require, we will continue to meet on Zoom.

In spite of all the caveats, warnings and precautions, we look forward to welcoming everyone back for another rewarding season of music, hard work and fun!

Lisette Kielson returns as our Music Director!

Hello everyone! I am so excited to return as Music Director of the Chicago Chapter and really looking forward (and crossing fingers!) to reconnecting with vaccinated members in person at our first meeting on September 19th. I plan to revisit some joyous large scale works such as Glen Shannon’s Friendship Canzona, Peter Siebert’s Festival Music, and more! In addition, I will bring some wonderfully challenging duos made more accessible by in-person playing (think Telemann and Sieg!)!

If Covid and the variants, the CDC and our comfort levels, determine that it is better to meet over Zoom, I will guide, instead, a virtual ‘how to practice’ session, addressing various aspects of technique and musicality through scales, etudes, and solos, culminating in duets for intermediate SAT recorder players. Let’s dust off our summer cobwebs!

Whether in person or apart, music-making is the goal for our 2021-2022 season! Join us!

Required music is available now on our website, at:


New Meeting Protocols!

For those meeting in person, there are two general announcements:

1. Due to a new request and agreement with Covenant church, our in-person meetings in the hall will run from 1 PM to 4 PM. The hour from 1 to 2 PM will be our ‘chapter hour’ of free-form playing, and our formal music presentation will run from 2 PM to 4 PM, as usual. The meeting will end at 4 PM by request of the church.

2. We plan to use the following rules for our meetings:

– We will follow CDC and common sense guidelines (used by other music venues) during our meetings.

– The first time you attend a meeting, proof of vaccination will be required. Without vaccination, a recent negative Covid test result will be required for every meeting, while restrictions apply.

– Masks should be worn inside the meeting room when not playing music.

– While playing, chairs will be arranged with the recommended safe distancing. (Recorders only!)

– Hand sanitizer will be provided in the meeting room and we should all use it.

– For our first meeting or two, we will forgo shared food and drink; please bring anything for yourself that you may need for hydration or snacking.

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